They called Trump racist but are fine with Nazi Sympathizers

I am sure we all recall the poo-storm that occurred after a racist monster decided to kill and injure a number of people at a rally Trump did not attend. It goes without saying that if you are a racist you are garbage – we all bleed red. It is equally clear that bigots and monsters show up everywhere, but when they showed up at a rally that Trump was not at, the left said he was a racist because he did not condemn the free speech rights of everyone there. Let’s compare that with the [ironically] Nazi sympathizer Yuval Noah Harari – a very fine person in the eyes of Obama, Gates, Zuckerberg, Schwab, and others.

For those of you who do not yet know who this guy is, first count yourself lucky that you have not had to hear his nonsense, I feel it necessary to share with you what we are dealing with. Please take a look at a couple of clips where this guy explains his beliefs in his own words here:

Sadly the Nazi’s Couldn’t Do More?

The Bible is Fake News and We Need a Global Dictatorship

Overview of a Monster

Let’s be clear, this man is literally complaining about the fact that the Nazis and Gestapo did not have the technology to complete their plans. He also explains that Joseph Goebbels understood people. Given that Harari is a Jew it may be surprising that he has such an affinity for the Nazis but it is probably easier to understand when you recognize that insanity is not logical.

So why does this insane Nazi sympathizer eugenicist matter? Well, he matters because of the incredibly powerful people that listen to him. He matters because his insanity seems to be a foundational part of the strategy being pushed by his fans. Let’s start with who is listening to this Nazi sympathizer (I will continue to repeat that because it is critical).

Harari’s website states:

Yuval Noah Harari gave keynote speeches on the future of humanity in Davos 2020 and 2018, on the World Economic Forum’s main Congress Hall stage. He regularly discusses global issues with heads of state and has had public conversations with Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, and Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis. Harari has also met with French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, Argentine President Mauricio Macri, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, and Shanghai’s Mayor Ying Yong. In 2019, Harari sat down for a filmed discussion on technology and the future of society with Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and in 2018 he presented the first ever TED talk delivered by a digital avatar. (Retrieved from on 04/07/2022).

He has also been endorsed repeatedly by Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, and many others. Let me remind you that this person is a Nazi sympathizer and repeatedly called the Bible and Jesus Christ fake news. Let me also remind you of the poo-storm that occurred a few years back when the cartoonist drew a picture of the Prophet Mohammad. Where are the outcries from the global media about the insult to the most sacred figure in Christianity? Can you imagine if Trump had endorsed the cartoonists?

More importantly, why is no one taking issue with the fact that a man that seems to consistently lament that some of the most brutal, evil, horrible people in history did not have the capacity to be more successful is an issue? Not only are these people refusing to condemn this monster, they view him as an advisor and continue to invite him back to their parties like the World Economic Forum meetings in Davos. It seems quite safe to say that Schwab likes this Nazi sympathizer.

Is there any explanation for this? I would say not. Harari claims to be a scientist but his background is history and philosophy – not science. So why is a historian Nazi fan the go to man for the rich and powerful? Why do the members of the mainstream media, Ivy League colleges, political elite, and others keep inviting a globalist, eugenicist, Nazi lover back to speak at their events? Why are good liberals that claim to be about equality and embracing our differences supporting someone that openly wants to eliminate individuality and reinstitute Nazi concepts on a global level? Frankly the real reason is that these people do not care one bit about equality or embracing differences – they only care about control.

The things Yuval Noah Harari says and promotes are so absurd that I hesitated to write this article but this monster is THE example of the hypocrisy and evil of these globalists. They claim to want to create a better world but so did Hitler and Stalin. The reality is that these scumbags are no different than the monsters than the historical villains they seem to idolize and we all need to be aware of what precisely they are pushing for. Watch Harari and tell me you are okay with our leaders supporting this guy… then imagine what would have happened if Trump had done the same.

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