There Is Right and Wrong and I Am NOT Ashamed to Say It

So I have a question. If you believe in moral relativism, how can you judge me to be a terrible person? For those that read my regular rants you may be wondering, where does this come from? Let me explain.

As we continue to listen to the cultural rot pervading our entire society, there is an incredibly focused and concerted effort to shame anyone that disagrees with anything that is leftest. If you think having a penis makes you a boy you are hateful. If you think a traditional nuclear family is best for raising children you must be a monster. If you disagree with murdering unborn babies then you dislike women. And on and on.

The shaming takes place on many levels, banning on social media, people you thought were your friends ostracizing you (that may be a good thing), and (for those in the public eye) an endless parade of media coverage regarding your “transgressions”. The shaming works and most people have simply backed down from taking any stand or any traditional morality no matter how deviant the other side is behaving.

Here’s the problem, if someone is going to shame me then that would mean that they are suggesting I did something wrong… something I should be ashamed of. How is it that people promoting deviant and absurd behavior have the audacity to tell me I should feel bad or am acting immoral? Certainly in a free nation people should have the right to behave as they choose but that is not what they are saying, rather, people with traditional values are being told that they should be ashamed of their prehistoric views. How can you tell me I should be ashamed of my beliefs while at the same time telling me that there is no right and wrong? … All while you’re telling me all morality is relative.

Today I literally read a legitimate news article from a mainstream publication about a grown adult that wears diapers and sucks a pacifier because she “identifies” as a baby. Seriously. It is absolutely this person’s right to pretend she is a baby but I am certain I would be told I am a hateful monster for stating the obvious – she needs mental help.

The problem we are facing is that the group of people that seem to have an issue with traditional values believe that traditional values are irrelevant because morality is relative. This is where their logic fails because if they believe morality to be relative then they do not have the right to judge mine. The relativist must accept my morality, and everyone else’s, because for them there can be no right or wrong.

This also leads to another issue. For the moral relativist/anti-judgement crowd that want us to accept every deviant behavior as “your truth”, there are unintended consequences. Ask your favorite ignorant (and probably leftist) relativist when racism or sexism are okay. Ask them when Hitler’s behavior or child rape are okay. Unless they are mentally disturbed the answer is never but if they are truly a relativist they have to accept the individual’s truth even if the individual really likes racism.


Let me lay this out.

  1. For moral relativism to be true then there can be ZERO universal rights and wrongs. This would include discrimination, hate crimes, rape, murder, slavery, genocide, etc. If you believe that these things are ever okay please seek mental help immediately.

  2. If ANYTHING is right or wrong then there are morals, and thus moral relativism is a fallacy. This means that if you believe it is “not right” for a person to be “unkind” then you do NOT believe in moral relativism so we should move on to the question of what IS right and what is wrong.

  3. I refuse to be shamed over the fact that you disagree with me about what is right or wrong. My faith dictates what I believe to be right or wrong and who are you to suggest that MY faith should take a back seat to YOUR faith or beliefs? In this free country where you, a misguided relativist, believes I should accept your absurd behavior because it is based on “your truth” you have ZERO right to suggest my beliefs are wrong or something to be ashamed of.

Bottom line: if those of us with core values are expected to TOLERATE (not approve of because that will not happen) absurd behaviors, then we ABSOLUTELY and unequivocally have the right to refuse to negotiate about our faith or disapproval of your behavior. You have the freedom to act but we have the freedom to disagree with your actions.

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