The WHO, Monkeypox and the Continued War on Freedom

This week Biden and his crew are pushing a number of horrific amendments to the international health regulations (IHRs) of the WHO. These amendments are a legitimate step towards limiting national sovereignty and pushing global governance. At the same time we have a major push to scare the hell out of everyone over monkeypox and, what could be, laying the groundwork for a new series of lockdowns. There is a lot happening with this so let’s dissect the situation.

With regards to the WHO and the proposed amendments, it is important to understand how this works from a legal perspective. No one, including President PoopyPants, has authority to ignore, alter, or change the Constitution without going through the process of amending it. That means that regardless of what O’Biden pushes, we are still sovereign and the Constitution still governs at all times – even in an emergency.

The problem is that treaties have roughly the same legal authority as federal law (there is a lot more to this but that is for another article) and federal law holds supremacy over state law. We are part of the UN and WHO and authority for international relations lies with the executive branch of the government. As such, by pushing these WHO amendments, Biden will likely use them as a basis to claim an emergency and use his authority over international relations as a basis to exert additional authority over both state and federal actions. I believe this would be struck down in court but, as we have seen for the last two years, that can take a lot of time and a lot of damage can be done during that time.

The more serious issue is what Biden would do with this power that would likely go unchallenged or unnoticed by the public. The CDC has already admitted that the PCR tests are being used to collect your DNA data (here is an article). Data is king and in a day when both China and the Globalists are talking about collecting DNA data and/or “hacking humans” it seems that sharing this data is a bad idea (if the CCP and globalists want my DNA data, I don’t want them to have it). Part of the proposed amendments to the IHR would implicate greater obligations for data sharing. I believe that one of the first things that would happen under Biden when the WHO declared their first emergency is that he would give them any and all public health data. This would not be reported, would unlikely go unnoticed, and be a serious threat to our nation and safety.

At this point there are rumors that some of Biden’s proposed amendments will fail but it is unclear where all this will end up.

With the WHO power grab happening in the background, we also have the monkeypox situation. Monkeypox is a more serious disease than COVID but normally would not spread very easily. Normally is the key word. The problem is that, given how well the gain of function (GoF) work went with COVID, someone apparently thought it would be a good idea to do GoF work on monkeypox (here is a journal document talking about it). This means that we have no idea what we are dealing with now. Is it the original strain of pox? Is it a more contagious strain? We just do not know.

To further complicate the issue we have the jabs. Monkeypox seem to be inhibited by interferon (read here). The COVID jabs seem to suppress interferon in those that have been jabbed (read here). While certainly not conclusive I am curious whether this means that those that are jabbed will be more susceptible to a disease that would normally not spread very easily. Given that monkeypox normally has a very low reproduction rate (how fast it spreads), my second question would be to ask whether the mass-jabs could be a contributing factor for the borderline panic about a disease that has been around for a while that never presented any sort of large-scale issue (read here about the panic). This question seems even more reasonable when we look at the parallels between the buildup to COVID and what is happening with monkeypox (the Epoch Times does a great job discussing this here and here).

Ultimately I do not know whether the monkeypox outbreak will be the next COVID. I also do not know where the nonsense with the WHO will end up. What I do know is that the war on freedom and continued attempts to sow fear amongst the public have no ends in sight. Ultimately we the free people of the world have two options, defeat the evil that is continuing to attack freedom or lose our freedom. I cannot say whether I will win but can assure anyone reading I will fight and hope more will join.

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