Special Notice Regarding Evidentiary Findings Related To The Official Renz Law Covid-19 Investigation

First and foremost, herein is notice regarding critical evidence related to COVID-19, potential governmental corruption, and the safety of our military and citizens. We would like to thank Make Americans Free Again for their assistance in ensuring this document is provided to every congressperson, governor, state attorney general, and as many other elected officials as possible throughout the nation. By putting this document in the hands of every previously mentioned elected official we are demanding they look at the facts and take a stand. We need accountability and redress of grievance NOW!
This document includes a substantial amount of evidence. While we believe it should be analyzed in its entirety, we have included overview documents that provide bullet-point information on critical items for easy reference (see the Table of Contents).
Second, this document helps arm ‘We The People’ with the ability to argue facts at school board meetings, town councils and any forum are giving the ability to speak at. Take this document, print it out, make copies and distribute it to as many people as you can. We will put EVERY elected official and person involved in Covid-19 on notice!

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