Solving the World’s Problems Over a Beer (PBR?)

Yes, I am being sarcastic and obnoxious here!

So how is it going for you? I’m a bit annoyed. Over the last several weeks the O’Biden war on America has escalated. Clearly, I am not suggesting the nearly universal attacks on all traditional American values and institutions are intentional (insert eye-roll here), but there are just a few minor issues that seem to make that possible. Things like pushing gender identity garbage on kids so young they shouldn’t even know what sex is, the COVID death jabs, the demonizing of masculinity, school shootings, gas prices and inflation in general, the upcoming food crisis, massive election fraud, censorship, and dozen other issues are clearly all Russia’s fault but they do constitute negatives. So, given these little speedbumps our nation is facing I decided to put on my beer dispensing cap (a red one with a beer can on each side and straws running to my mouth) and figure out some real clever solutions… stuff that O’Biden and the numerous PhD level advisors he has must be overlooking.

I want to start out with one of the toughest problems to solve – gas prices. It’s obvious to anyone watching that the high gas prices in America are solely because of the Russian/Ukrainian conflict and that this is completely out of O’Biden’s hands. Clearly, we the people cannot fathom the complexity of this situation (you know – we do not have enough oil but to get more we need to drill), but I think I have a solution. What if, instead of doing everything possible to put regulatory hurdles in front of oil companies we drilled for American oil? I know that probably sounds silly because even though we have the largest oil reserves in the world (look here), they are way under the ground so that makes them hard to get but who knows what would happen if we tried.

One of the other issues that seems to have come out of nowhere is the mental health problems that keep arising in kids. I simply cannot understand where these issues are coming from. With all that we have done to introduce transgender studies to kindergartners, teaching all kids that they are racist with CRT, and telling all male kids that they are evil because they are male, I would think kids would be doing great. This combined with telling kids that there is no right and wrong and destroying families seems like it should make life great for kids. But, since we still have these baffling issues I will propose a – slurp (sorry taking a drink from my beer dispensing cap) solution. What if, slurp – sorry another drink, what if we let kids be kids and avoided grooming them, let parents teach kids about sex in whatever way they chose, stopped telling boys they should not be boys, and avoided teaching kids to be racists? If we really wanted to be crazy, maybe we could even tell kids that some things are right and some are wrong (you know, like slavery is wrong and helping people in need is right).

You know, this beer dispensing cap may be making me crazy, but what if along with my crazy ideas above, we also took some steps to stop these school shootings? Clearly the only smart way to do that is with gun control, but I have my hat on and am leaning a different direction. What if we did something radical and secured the entrances to the schools? We could go all in and hire armed vets as guards or maybe we lock the doors and not buzz people in that are carrying guns. I know leaving the doors open and implementing gun control would work better, but I am just throwing it out there.

Going back to money issues, this inflation thing is a real problem. Obviously, we need to keep printing money we don’t have so we can send money to Ukraine and fund other programs that have nothing to do with helping Americans but what if we didn’t? Is it possible that not printing and not giving more to foreign nations than American states (see here) could lessen inflation? I could be wrong but printing money seems like one of the quickest ways to facilitate inflation.

So what about COVID and the death jabs? We know that the jabs do not stop the spread of COVID (this article mentions that) and that the government is covering up all sorts of side effects (I did some work on this). We also know that COVID has a 99%+ recovery rate for most of the population and that cases spiked when the jabs came out (take a look here). So what if we got rid of these jabs and tried treatments that work (you can find a few here) rather than experiments that don’t?

My beer-cap is running out of juice so I will now endeavor to solve the unsolvable problem- election fraud. Obviously, the elections are safe and secure but let’s pretend they are not, and we need to fix the issues because there are some crazy people (here goes my last slurp) that just don’t know that O’Biden clearly got the most votes in American history despite not being able to get more than 7 people to show up at a rally. Here is my suggestion, what if we had paper ballots that were counted by real people (instead of machines connected to the internet). Also, what if we made people vote in person where they are registered and show an ID that would verify who they are?

My beer dispensing cap is now empty and so I am out of silly ideas. It seems obvious to me that most of these issues are unsolvable and that there are no common-sense ways to help our country, so I am going to refill my cap and watch some CNN while I contemplate how much smarter the Biden crew-members are than the rest of us.

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