Why Are We Experimenting on Pro Athletes?

COVID-19 and the Professional Athlete

By Russell S. Gonnering, MD &Attorney Thomas Renz

SUMMARY By Thomas Renz

The vaccines for COVID are a dangerous experiment that may end up causing more damage than they prevent. The vaccines have not had ANY long-term safety studies and there is NO evidence that they are effective against variants. There have been unprecedented numbers of short-term side effects and yet they continue to be pushed by Dr. Fauci and his crew who happen to co-own the intellectual property rights on them.

Did You Get "Informed Consent" before the Jab? Probably Not.

Renz Law, LLC - Sample Informed Consent Document

The following is a sample of what an informed consent for the COVID-19 vaccines should look like:

 The COVID-19 vaccines are experimental and only authorized under an Emergency Use Authorization.  This means that this particular vaccine has not been fully studied and we cannot be certain of all of the  impacts it could have on you. 

So.. Do You Have Herpes???

A Case For Why You Definitely Want Medical Privacy By Attorney Thomas Renz  5/23/2021

This is an opinion piece begin put forth to illustrate absurdity and NOT LEGAL ADVICE. 

I have seen this and similar discussion floating around the web a lot:

While I do not believe the law is quite so cut and dried, let’s assume this is true and see where it takes us.

Can You Be Forced By Your Employer to Take The Vaccine?

 Approved Under an EUA
By Attorney Thomas Renz 3/23/2021

This article is an opinion piece and should not be construed as legal advice for any specific situation. Please consult with an attorney for legal advice about your situation.

The Truth about Covid-19

By Atty. Thomas Renz

For the past month I have watched a classical case of hysteria present itself around me driven by a news media that seems to show no end to its willingness to sensationalize – even at the expense of our liberties – and an international and national public health apparatus that seems both confused by it’s legal/moral duties…

COVID-19 Data

By Atty. Thomas Renz

As the COVID-19 response continues I have found myself working with many wonderful people that are suffering substantially more from the response than the disease. While I absolutely recognize this is an actual disease and that there have been a number of casualties, my work has necessitated that I look into the real data. What I found was frankly amazing. 

Impact of Our Response

By Atty. Thomas Renz

 This document puts into perspective a few aspects of the danger of COVID-19 and the dangers of the response. This does not directly discuss the overall economic impact but rather focuses on the impact on health. Judge for yourself which is worse. All points are cited, I have reviewed all of the articles, and all are credible. 

COVID VS Our Rights

By Atty. Thomas Renz

 The COVID-19 outbreak has mobilized our nation. We are pulling together, helping each other, being kinder, and, for the most part, all doing all that we can to prevent the spread of this infection. Just as has happened during every national crisis I have seen; I find myself amazed at the ability of our nation to pull together during the bad times. I absolutely love seeing all that we are doing as Americans and hope we continue to do so, but I also fervently hope we do this because we should – not because we have to. 

Meet Peggy

By Atty. Thomas Renz

As the debate is raging about COVID, I want to share some perspective. I have a client that has given me permission to share her story and it is compelling.
Some time ago, my client, Peggy, was diagnosed with cancer near her brain. It was a very rare form of cancer and most treatments for it were only recently developed so she was forced to go out of state for treatment. This was particularly difficult for her due to the fact that she was self-employed as a barber and so the time off meant no income.

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