Renz New DOD Doc Proves Purging Unvaccinated Military Puts America At Great Risk

Attorney Thomas Renz is releasing a new 35-page unclassified DOD document titled “Senior Leaders Brief Covid-19” from January 12,2022 that he received from a whistleblower. (Entire Document can be found at

While the whole document provides great insight, Attorney Renz is currently focusing people’s attention to the graph located on page 6 of the document because of its immediate importance to National Security. The page 6 graph reveals the specific number of military members and civilian/contractors who have had and/or rejected the vaccine mandate.

After looking at the DOD numbers Attorney Tom Renz asks “Will the Executive Branch purge 25% of our Military Members? Are they going to purge 71% of the civilians and contractors that support our military that are also unvaccinated? What will that do to America’s National Security? And who benefits from a weakened American military?”

Renz adds “How could this possibly be in the best interest of the safety and security of the United States. Why would you weaken our military while beating the war-drums against Russia?”

“We are sympathetic to our military members forced into this vaccine mandate. There’s enough evidence now that these jabs are ineffective and unsafe. I’m calling on the American people to stand for our Military Heroes and push back against this tyrannical vaccine mandate. Share this information with your local Congressman. It’s vital to national security” Renz says.

Attorney Tom Renz will be speaking about this and revealing even more vital whistleblower information this week during his speech at Clay Clark’s ReAwaken America Tour in Canton Ohio on Friday February 18th. To watch live go to

Copies of Attorney Renz speech will be available shortly after he finishes speaking at