Our Process

Our Process is About You

We want your experience with Renz Law to be as positive and stress-free as possible. To facilitate that we begin with a free phone conversation to determine if we will be able to work together.

If you accept us as your representatives and we accept you as a client, we will set up a process that is about maximizing your convenience and minimizing your stress. This may include us traveling to your location for meetings or setting up online meetings using platforms you are comfortable with such as Apple Facetime or Skype.

As our relationship continues we will always work to ensure we help you to understand where you are in the legal process and where we are going next.

No one hires a lawyer without a good reason and so we want you to know that we care about your case or situation and are here to help you through it.

Email us at help@renz-law.com

or Call us at: 419-351-4248