Our Government is Corrupt – So Now What?

At this point, if you do not recognize that corruption has overtaken Washington you’ve either been living under a rock or are simply burying your head in the sand. Whether we look to the elections (see here), the death jabs (see here and here for examples), the Jan 6 garbage (see here), gas prices (see here), or any of the dozen plus other crises coming from the bums in DC, things are simply unacceptable. Despite the media’s complicity and attempts to make those that are pro-America feel though they are a “fringe minority”, the American people are frustrated (myself included). The question I am asked most is, “what can I do?” The answer would fill numerous books, but I want to provide some thoughts here.

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Let me start by breaking my answer in to pieces. The first piece I want to mention is the piece I cannot answer, what you specifically, can do. This is the question everyone asks me and one I cannot answer. I do not know your skills, talents, and/or willingness to stand. My answer to this is to challenge people to know themselves. By that, I mean figure out what you are good at and willing to do and then do it. A few ideas:

  1. Educate yourself about the topic you want to fight for. If you do not know your topic you will simply NOT be helpful in the fight. Good intentions are nice, but it takes work to lead or educate others so do it;

  2. Make sure you can differentiate between facts and propaganda. Both sides produce an immense amount of propaganda and opinion work and whether you agree with it or not, it simply will NOT convince the other side of your credibility;

  3. Dig deep on the facts. There are tons of things put out to mislead people and finding real truth is VERY difficult. Find sources you trust but make sure you check what they are saying. Remember, even good people make mistakes and for those that are trying to do what is right, they/we will appreciate you finding our errors so we can correct them;

  4. Write op-eds, start an internet blog, share good information on social media, and/or generally help spread the message;

  5. Speak publicly if you can. Town council meetings, school board meetings, group meetings, etc. are good places to share information once you have learned the facts;

  6. Support effective groups (MAFA is one of my favorites). First, differentiate between groups that get things done and those that don’t – there are a lot of good people running and participating in groups that fall in to the second category. Then support them. Join them, recruit for them, speak out about them, and donate to them if you can. Everyone has a role individually, but we win this together;

  7. Check your ego. As you become more effective, and people begin to support you it is VERY easy to start believing that you are the person that will “win” this. You aren’t and neither am I. We win this together or we lose it together but no one person will win this alone; and

  8. Pray and be ethical. We cannot defeat evil with evil, we must defeat it with good. I fail repeatedly in this, but we MUST do our best to fight this fight the right way.

The second part of the question is more generalized, and the answer is more concrete. These are things we all need to do or support to promote this fight. Let me start with this, unless you are a billionaire, have a major media presence, are a federally elected official, or some other big shot, fight local. We all need to support the national efforts but, at the same time, it is critical that we take action locally. You may not be able to get on the news or finance the next series of major lawsuits, but you can push your schoolboard to quit promoting racism. You can get your county commissioners to pull support for the local health department if they are pushing the jabs. You can run for town council. You can support local small businesses and community leaders that are fighting the good fight. In short, you can do a lot and be effective doing it if you work locally. Further, if you are successful in fighting locally you can build a platform, if you choose to do so, that will allow you to have an impact on a broad scale.

I also want to talk about the importance of EVERYONE being involved. Obviously, you need to vote – whether you believe elections to be honest or not – and also to do so in the primaries. The primaries are the reason for the uniparty and we have to stop that (look here for an example of the uniparty). Beyond voting, we need people to get involved in the elections and parties. If you are frustrated by the GOP then volunteer in the local or state party and expose or change it. Finally, we MUST get people to volunteer to be precinct captains and judges that will learn the local election laws and fight to ensure they are followed. You would be shocked to know how many local election laws are not followed and having good volunteers to enforce them would go a long ways towards ensuring fair elections.

As for me, I assure you I am doing my best to continue the fight. We are working on several very important cases right now and I am quite excited to share the work as soon as possible. Ultimately, we will win our freedom back because we will not rest until we do, but remember, many hands make light work and this load is too heavy for any one person, or even a small group, to handle. Stay positive and I look forward to standing with you in this fight.

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