Jabs – the Secret Weapon Against Trump 2024

I am going to premise this article with the fact that this is based on my analysis. Obviously, I cannot prove what will happen in the next two years, but I think this cannot be overstated. Also, before I get a million comments on 4-d chess and other such nonsense let me state my position: I believe Donald Trump was one of the best presidents in our nation’s history. He was attacked more and from more directions than ANY other president I could list – including from his own party. The unfortunate reality is that regardless of how talented the Donald is, he is still human, and he was quite clearly misled. Now it is the job of those that believe in freedom to ensure he knows that we continue to support him but that we NEED him to take a stand to save our children’s lives and our troops.

COVID was a lie from the beginning. The death numbers were inflated, the PCR tests never worked, and the disease was known, very early on, to be roughly as dangerous as a bad flu season (probably less so if treatment was not denied). You can read the fact pattern in the file below, which is a case I filed in early September 2020, if you want a healthy dose of well-cited truth.

Amended Complaint 4 Final
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Case Final Combined Attachments
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Let me reiterate – I filed this at the beginning of September of 2020 and then amended the complaint but the original contained the same fact pattern. Also, you should know that after talking ex parte to the defense, the judge called this unintelligible so let me know if you need interpretation. This entire farce should have ended right there but it did not.

We have continued the fight without cessation since this filing and have had some success and ran into some walls. Ultimately, what I did not realize when I filed this case, was that this was part of a war on America and had two major purposes. The first purpose was to damage our nation by transferring wealth from small and midsize business to billion-dollar corporations. This was important because it is very difficult to control a decentralized business structure but easy when you only have a few big businesses that you can “include as stakeholders” (look at the WEF if you do not understand this).

The other purpose of the COVID nonsense was to facilitate the jabs. The purpose of the jabs is very misunderstood. People focus on many of the things that the global elite view as ancillary benefits of these poisons but have largely missed the main goal. Killing people off (depopulation), money, editing your genome, these are things that may or may not be important now or in the future (depending on what you believe) but the evidence points to another foundational reason for the jabs. You see, at this point, gene therapy is still and experiment, the global elite have not yet built a big enough data set for these jabs to accomplish much more than killing people with terrible side effects. These jabs are a global experiment to gather data on gene therapy and to act as a legal end-run around the law to legalize human gene therapy. These things could not happen without a super-scary “global pandemic” because no one was interested in being experimented on and becoming a human GMO.

All that said, probably the most important secondary goal of these jabs was an insurance policy against the Donald getting a second term. Trump is the single biggest potential threat to globalist control so protecting against another “Trump setback” is essential to these monsters. In October of 2020 an FDA meeting leaked with extensive discussion of serious side effects that were expected from these jabs (this is before they were available). I sincerely doubt the Donald was ever given this information and do not know if he has seen it to this day.

Based on reports that I cannot validate but believe have some validity, information like this was actively kept from the President while at the same time his “trusted advisors” were feeding him lies about death counts (which we debunked above) and cases (also debunked). These people kept telling Trump that we HAD to stay locked down and so Trump pushed for what he thought was a solution – the jab. People kept acting as though there were obstacles and made Trump feel like he had to fight to get this done all the while he was actually being played. When the jabs became available, he naturally wanted to take credit for his “accomplishment” but this was all part of the trillion dollar manipulation (again, this is based on reports, not proof but if you do not think the other side is that devious take a look at the Trump/Russia collusion debacle).

Regardless of the accuracy of the previous paragraph, Trump did tout the success of operation warp speed endlessly. We are now seeing two things happen. First, a steady leak of reports indicating “newly found” dangers from the death jabs, and second, a push to legalize and normalize gene therapy jabs beyond just COVID. There are many billions of dollars being invested globally in gene therapy jabs and the FDA is feeling pretty confident in their authority to authorize the new generation of these jabs due to the COVID jab experiment. These gene therapies will be called vaccines to ensure no lawsuits can succeed due to the immunity vaccines are given.

With regards to the second part of this of the plan is the anti-Trump agenda. Prior to 2024 (assuming Trump is looking like a favorite again), I think it is highly likely that we will see more and more reports talking about how the first generation of COVID jabs did have some problems but these problems were entirely because Donald Trump made the good people at the FDA ignore protocols during the pandemic so he could selfishly take credit for getting our nation open again during an election year. The fake science they will produce will show that there were deaths and side effect in the early iterations of the jabs, but they are now safe and the deaths that occurred were solely because of Trump’s actions. It will not matter that this is all garbage – the entire mainstream, especially including Fox, will push the narrative and Trump will be stuck with it.

There is a way out for the real President. It is already very late, but if Trump were to come out and admit to the world that he was lied to, he could get ahead of this. The MAGA nation is very forgiving because they recognize that Trump has truly done more than anyone to “make America great again” but he really needs to do this sooner rather than later.

Ultimately, I will continue to fight this in every way possible but what happens is in God’s hands. I pray for Trump and for our nation and sincerely hope he sees this.

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