Fixing Our Broken Elections

I have only recently began speaking publicly on the topic of election integrity and have been fairly limited in my statements. There is quite long list of reasons behind this but I can tell you that I have been actively working on feasible solutions to the election issue for a while now. I want to discuss my thoughts here.

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First, let me start at the beginning. Are our elections honest? If you subscribe to my work you probably already know there are issues, but we have to be able to position the issue in a way that allows others that are not educated on the issue to find the same truth. As for positioning, the first thing we have to recognize that NO ONE can publicly argue that election integrity is not crucial. In fact, the left has never done so. Rather, they lie and say that the elections are safe. Our response needs to recognize and leverage this fact.

From our side, we need to state that we agree with the left that election integrity is critical and that NO ONE should be disenfranchised. We then need to argue that, to ensure this happens we need to do EVERYTHING possible to provide as much transparency in elections and election audits as possible. Given that a vast majority of our nation has some concerns regarding election integrity, our position needs to focus on repairing that issue rather than just stating it the elections are fraud.

Make no mistake, the elections ARE crooked. We can look to 2000 Mules, the work of Mike Lindell, and in tons of other places to see that, but we need to point to these things and then ask why the other side is opposed to audits and transparency. This approach, if properly implemented adopts the work of the heroes like Lindell and True the Vote while undercutting the credibility of the other side in opposing investigations.

Questions: “With all this stuff Lindell and True the Vote have uncovered, shouldn’t we be having audits? At least this would prove they are wrong if they are and is there really anything wrong with transparency? Truly independent audits rather than recounts could put this whole thing to rest so why not do them?”

Always remember, it is NEVER a winning strategy to oppose transparency and that is the fight we must undertake while our hardcore heroes continue digging up truth.

Another aspect of the election fight is related to the law. I have been reading and reviewing election law and testimony from numerous states related to both 2020 and the 2022 primaries. What I have found is that the number of apparent violations of law are innumerable. Despite that, the courts are not eager to hear these cases. So what do we do?

For some time now I have argued privately that the solution MUST be local. If we find violations of state election law in local races then we can file suit in the state courts. Standing is a critical issue that can only be resolved based on the laws of the particular state but I believe there are a number of states where state suits could be effective. Any cases of this type need to be extremely tight and the first few should be supported by all of the big players to ensure the best attorneys, best facts, and best research are available to fight this fight effectively. We should also find the clearest and best opportunity. Understand that this will simply not be a suit about the 2020 presidential election but can lead to one.

If a good, LOCAL suit is filed the discovery could demonstrate violations of election laws that would also impact federal elections. Also, fixing the local elections inherently fixes the national. While I am greatly oversimplifying this, the step by step process is the only way to produce the hard evidence the courts demand to consider anything related to federal elections.

We also need to ensure that honest people are aware of and pushing for the enforcement of existing election laws. Good people volunteering to get involved the the GOP primary process and, especially, in the precincts is critical. One of the most shocking things I’ve seen is the number of failures, at the precinct level, to know and enforce the law as it exists. Local officials can spot this in real time and force action. This strategy requires massive coordination to get enough people involved and educated but is necessary if we want to clean up the election process.

The elections can be fixed but we need to get on it. 2022 will be a red wave but it will be a red wave of RINOs in too many cases because of the corruption in the primaries. If we do not want a repeat of Trump’s first two years, where R’s controlled the entire legislature and the presidency but could not even overturn Obamacare, we need to get on it.

Tom’s Newsletter is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.

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