COVID Secrets – Profiting From The Panic

Now, about this bonus episode – it covers everything you need to know about the disgusting, billion dollar profiteering Big Pharma and others have been involved in over the past two years.

Dr. Henry Ealy has played a huge role in fighting against tyranny during all of this and he’s back with more shocking information.

Did you know that Dr. Ealy and his associates knew something was coming before C0V1D ever hit?

“We had been anticipating for years that they were gonna push a “Go” button, we didn’t know what it was, but there were so many hints coming out that there was gonna be this pandemic. There was gonna be this crisis, this global crisis.”

There is also a great chat with whistleblower and attorney, Thomas Renz. (45 minute mark)

He shared extremely detailed data on exactly how Big Pharma is making SO MUCH money from all of this.

Even though I knew this deep down, it still shocked me to see the real data…

Here’s the reality we’re currently facing…

We’re living in a world where lies are portrayed as the truth and the truth as lies.

It’s your job to remain educated and not succumb to their plans, so don’t waste this opportunity to do so…


COVID Secrets – Episode 10 Bonus – Profiting From The Panic

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