COVID-19 Litigation

Renz Law has been hired to fight for the rights of Ohioans by ensuring that the Constitution is honored during the response to COVID-19. While we recognize that this may be a controversial case, it simply should not be. The Constitution of the United States does not allow for states to disregard the rights of American citizens without meeting the appropriate levels of judicial scrutiny. For fundamental rights, the State bears the burden of proof and must ensure our rights are only limited to the extent necessary to achieve a compelling governmental interest. That simply is not happening.

While many people are scared of COVID-19 it simply is not Constitutional to force the rest of the population to forgo their rights so some may avoid fear. If you are scared it is absolutely your right to wear a mask, stay home, self isolate, or take any other action you believe is fit. We support people’s rights to live their lives as they choose but not to force their views on others.

For those of you that believe that the restrictions we are facing are minor and that we should just accept them, we ask this question, what if the rights being abridged were something you did care about? Remember, the people in power change and while you may believe that what is happening now is okay but the next time you may not feel the same.

We are attaching our case and the evidence we have made public to this point here. It is our hope that this may be useful in crafting other cases to ensure Americans around the country can get back to living their lives in a free nation.