As the COVID-19 response continues I have found myself working with many wonderful people that are suffering substantially more from the response than the disease. While I absolutely recognize this is an actual disease and that there have been a number of casualties, my work has necessitated that I look into the real data. What I found was frankly amazing.

The CDC has, from a scientific perspective, skewed the data. Before anyone accuses me of be a COVID denier or some other such nonsense I ask that you read the attached document which was recently submitted as an affidavit in a court case. This document is fully cited and was originally meant to be and evidence based practice paper comparing COVID-19 and the flu (both average yearly and several noteworthy seasons). It was also submitted as an affidavit so I have attested to it under penalty of perjury – in other words I believe, based on research, everything in it to be true.

While the science behind this has seemed quite shaky to me from the start, this review has led me to a number of very serious concerns and I hope everyone will review this with an open mind. Political leanings should not matter in public health and, as Governor DeWine has said, we need to follow the data… but the data, based on science, appears dishonest and incomplete. After you review this ask yourself, if the actions to “protect” us are being taken out of an honest concern for public safety, why not be transparent about important and relevant data?

Click  to view the document:
COVID Data Review Affidavit

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