BREAKING: The Origins of SARS-COV2Fauci, Wuhan, EcoHealth & More

Renz Law in collaboration with Make Americans Free Again have put together a report presentation documenting 133 Citations, Declaration of an employee of EcoHealth under penalty of perjury, months of research and consulting with experts. Below you find a copy of the presentation and the full report.

Attorney Tom Renz Whistleblowers DMED, DEFENSE MEDICAL EPIDEMIOLOGY DATABASE, Reveals Incredibly Disturbing Spikes in Diseases, Infertility, Injuries across the board after the Military was forced to vaccinate

Renz Whistleblowers DMED DATA Reveals Incredibly Disturbing Spikes in Vaccine Injuries Across the Board 279% SPIKE in Miscarriages 487% SPIKE in Breast Cancer 1048% SPIKE in the Nervous System 155% SPIKE in Birth Defects 350% SPIKE in Male Infertility 369% SPIKE in Testicular Cancer 2181% SPIKE in Hypertension 664% SPIKE in Malignant Neoplasms 680% SPIKE […]


This document puts into perspective a few aspects of the danger of COVID-19 and the dangers of the response. This does not directly discuss the overall economic impact but rather focuses on the impact on health. Judge for yourself which is worse. All points are cited, I have reviewed all of the articles, and all […]