Biden, Obama, Clinton, & The WHO, Treason & Sedition?

Let me begin this article by first noting this is basically my musings and then providing a few reality checks. The first reality check is that there is truly zero chance of anyone with authority to charge Biden, Obama, and/or Clinton with any of the crimes they may have committed doing so (except maybe Durham). […]

The Summer of Rage & Continuation of the COVID War on America

COVID has a case fatality rates and reproduction rates that are, frankly, not really much worse than a bad flu season. Yet we are pushing untested death jabs that are killing millions, shut down our economy, printed $4 TRILLION+ dollars that devalued the dollar for working Americans and gave it all to billionaires, and masked […]

May Pfizer FOIA, Hepatitis in Kids, and Shedding

This is a big article. I am going to attempt here to discuss a few of the key issues I am seeing in the May Pfizer FOID dump, hepatitis in kids, and shedding in these gene therapy jabs. In all honesty, reviewing this is challenging but summarizing it in a digestible way is just plain […]

Standing – We should not take this sitting down

I had a hearing against the federal government recently and, as is so frequently the case, I spent a fair amount of time debating the legal question of standing. Standing, as a legal concept is a serious issue and a personal pet peeve of mine so I am writing about it. Let me apologize up […]

Are the Jabs Prohibited by the Ohio Constitution?

While I am honored to have people from around the world subscribed here, I am from Ohio, and we have a debate going on. Back around the time that Obamacare was passed, states around the country were furious about people being forced to buy insurance. As a result, Ohio amended its Constitution to include Article […]

An American Story – Why Do We Fight For Freedom?

I spent time in one of my favorite places this week – Texas. Texas is great for a lot of reasons, not the least of which being that the state and the culture truly embody the rugged individualistic freedoms and attitude that underly the quintessential culture of what made America great. This cowboy culture (for […]

Have we killed the medical profession?

What is the role of a doctor now that healthcare is not about health? The COVID fraud continues, and we see massive number of doctors leaving practice, suffering from mental health crises, and even committing suicide (Here is an article blaming it on COVID). Many reasons are given for this, but I think the entire […]

They called Trump racist but are fine with Nazi Sympathizers

I am sure we all recall the poo-storm that occurred after a racist monster decided to kill and injure a number of people at a rally Trump did not attend. It goes without saying that if you are a racist you are garbage – we all bleed red. It is equally clear that bigots and […]

Attorney Tom Renz Whistleblowers DMED, DEFENSE MEDICAL EPIDEMIOLOGY DATABASE, Reveals Incredibly Disturbing Spikes in Diseases, Infertility, Injuries across the board after the Military was forced to vaccinate

Renz Whistleblowers DMED DATA Reveals Incredibly Disturbing Spikes in Vaccine Injuries Across the Board 279% SPIKE in Miscarriages 487% SPIKE in Breast Cancer 1048% SPIKE in the Nervous System 155% SPIKE in Birth Defects 350% SPIKE in Male Infertility 369% SPIKE in Testicular Cancer 2181% SPIKE in Hypertension 664% SPIKE in Malignant Neoplasms 680% SPIKE […]