The Election and the Fight for Freedom

In case you haven’t noticed, we have an election coming up. We are being inundated with commercials and media on a level that has to be historic for a midterm and approximately 99% of it is garbage. Both sides promote lies and half-truths about their opponents and the people hearing this seem to have either […]

The Silencing of Truth

Several weeks ago now I put out a report in conjunction with Make Americans Free Again (MAFA) and Dr. Andrew Huff with over 130 citations that corroborated a first-hand witness’s testimony (also included) that SARS-COV2 was created in a lab in Wuhan China with funding and knowledge of Anthony Fauci. Along with the revelation about […]

Justice – Accountability is Coming for All Things COVID

In my last article I asked what would be done about the creation of SARS-COV2. That article (read here) focused on political and public aspects of the question. I have and will continue to offer – for free – my assistance to any elected official that credibly wants to fight this but here am going […]

Emerald Robinson – Dr. Fauci Says Goodbye By Funding More Bat Viruses

Last week, the infamous Dr. Fauci made sure that EcoHealth Alliance got another $600,000 per year grant for “bat virus” research that will last through 2027.   Now, dear reader, the only way that such a thing would be allowed is because Dr. Fauci fears neither Congress nor the national security state. In other words, […]

The Creation of SARS-COV2 & What Will Be Done About It

A little over a week ago we released a report that provided nearly indisputable evidence that SARS-COV2 was created in a laboratory in Wuhan, China in what seemed to be a joint project between an American company (EcoHealth Alliance) and the CCP controlled Wuhan Institute of Virology. This document (found below) provides firsthand whistleblower testimony […]

BREAKING: The Origins of SARS-COV2Fauci, Wuhan, EcoHealth & More

Renz Law in collaboration with Make Americans Free Again have put together a report presentation documenting 133 Citations, Declaration of an employee of EcoHealth under penalty of perjury, months of research and consulting with experts. Below you find a copy of the presentation and the full report.

The AP, Religious Bigotry, and Anti-Americanism

Freedom, Equality, Faith, American Exceptionalism, and the War Against It It is hard to dispute that the left and media are at war with Christians and seem to hate America’s position as a world leader. This is only becoming more apparent as regular Americans pull together and stand against the attempts to remake our country […]