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Legal Responsibility for Violating Constitutional Rights

Thomas Renz – Attorney With many arguing (including myself) that the response to COVID-19 violates numerous Constitutional rights, the follow up question people should be asking is whether there will be liability for these violations and who – if anyone – will be liable. Under the law, it is highly likely that the answer to … Continue reading Legal Responsibility for Violating Constitutional Rights

COVID-19 Case

Renz Law has been hired to fight for the rights of Ohioans by ensuring that the Constitution is honored during the response to COVID-19. While we recognize that this may be a controversial case, it simply should not be. The Constitution of the United States does not allow for states to disregard the rights of … Continue reading COVID-19 Case

COVID-19 Data

As the COVID-19 response continues I have found myself working with many wonderful people that are suffering substantially more from the response than the disease. While I absolutely recognize this is an actual disease and that there have been a number of casualties, my work has necessitated that I look into the real data. What … Continue reading COVID-19 Data


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