Are Some Republicans Really Dems in Sheeps Clothing?

Let me be blunt, we have a LOT of RINOs that are actively working against the base. Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney, and quite a handful of others simply do not agree with the people they want to vote them in. They are “reaching across the aisle on gun control, Jan 6, climate nonsense, globalist trade deals, COVID, and just about anything else that would annoy the heck out of any patriot (just ask Donald Trump). Despite that, these people remain in the Republican Party and state/local party officials refuse to throw them out or take any real action against them. Why? And more importantly what are they doing running in a party whose base does not want or like them?

As a hypothesis, I would suggest that a number of these people are plants. I do not mean super-secret “deep state” spy stuff; rather, I mean these are people that are largely supported by Democrat special interests and others that hope to weaken opposition to their policies by undermining the integrity of the GOP. Here is an article demonstrating my point: New Yorker Dem Strategy Article. If we look around the country, we will see that Utah is not the only place the Dems are working to ensure we nominate people that hate our base, it is happening everywhere.

This leads to a critical question I have been asking, what does it mean to be a Republican? Why vote R? As a party the only answer I’ve been able to find answered consistently is “we aren’t the democrats,” but that really is not enough and, in some cases, I’m not even sure I believe it. There is a lot of nuance related to many issues but what are the bright-line issues the GOP will stand for that are foundational to the party? Things like national debt, gun control, free speech, etc. used to be but now we keep hearing about meeting in the middle (which always means moving further to the left).

I do not want to meet in the middle. The nation I grew up in is gone and I want it back. Negotiating policy, at this point, should start from “the Constitution says X, and we cannot do anything more.” Please note that I did not include a “but” in that sentence. In reality, if Republicans would run on a platform of doing absolutely nothing but pushing to return freedom to the people by repealing laws and cutting spending I would consider registering as a Democrat and voting 8 times for each of them (that’s a joke for any leftest buffoons that may want to report it to the Biden regime). Alas, freedom seems to be lost as a party platform.

Back to the original point of the article, how did the party of Abraham Lincoln and small government become so indistinguishable from the Dems? Well, may God rest his soul, Rush Limbaugh answered this for us. You may remember Operation Chaos where Rush promoted republicans crossing over and voting in the Dem primary. It was effective but the origin of the idea already existed. The Dems had been and are continuing to promote RINOs everywhere. They vote in the R primaries, they fund uniparty candidates, and they continually push the party to the left. Here is a donor list for Great Task PAC which is one of the largest donors to Liz Cheney – supposedly a Republican (if you are bored and really want nightmares you can click here to see the donor list for WINRED which is the official Republican Party donor platform/PAC). I do not think anyone would argue this list is a group of conservative purists and if you peruse other donors you will see groups like the National Association of Broadcasters and individuals/PACs that are never-Trumpers or completely out of line with ANY traditional Republican values. It is also worth noting that Liz Cheney has about 5 times more money right now than she had in previous elections and that her donors are not exactly right-wingers… I guess being the sellout-and-chief on the Jan 6 lie has “paid off” (no pun intended – or maybe there was).

The moral of this story is that primaries matter and we need to be taking steps to retake the GOP. Our continual support of the Republican Party for no reason other than they are not Democrats is simply not good enough. It is also not enough for us to cease donating or to give to someone else. The billionaire globalist crowd can outspend “we the people” without blinking an eye and simply will create new PACs to do so. We need to actually get involved. We need get into the party, talk about what we see and push for change. Until we do that the Dems and globalists will continue to push RINOs on us and we will continue to wonder why it is that we cannot even accomplish basic things like repealing Obamacare when we have a Republican House, Senate, and Whitehouse.

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