An American Story – Why Do We Fight For Freedom?

I spent time in one of my favorite places this week – Texas. Texas is great for a lot of reasons, not the least of which being that the state and the culture truly embody the rugged individualistic freedoms and attitude that underly the quintessential culture of what made America great. This cowboy culture (for lack of a better term) values individuals on an individual level – not the collective but, rather, what the individual adds to the collective based on their own gifts and talents; in other words, the melting pot.

As I was doing what I had set out to do in the state, I had the opportunity to take a ride-share with an individual that I will call Fred (definitely not his real name). Fred was a legitimate Cuban refugee. He had managed to escape the terrors of communism with his family (which included two small children) and legally obtained refugee status in the United States.

Fred was in the process of learning English because “he needed to learn English if he wanted to have a good job to take care of his family.” One of the many interesting things about Fred was that he was a healthcare professional in Cuba with substantial education and training, in America, he was a driver. Despite what many would view as a professional step down, Fred was ecstatic about being in America and was eager to work on his English with me so he could better care for his family in the future. At no point did Fred complain about how unfair it was that things were difficult, rather, he saw America as a land that provided hope for a future and he was willing to work to earn it.

Fred loves being in America and proudly told me about his children and that, despite the difficulty involved in learning English, his youngest son was coming along very well in mastering it (his older son was learning as well but somewhat slower). The thing that stuck out most about Fred’s story was his belief that America was truly a land of opportunity and recognition that the responsibility for that opportunity sat squarely on his shoulders. Fred accepted that his actions would be the foundation for what happened in his life and did not think America “owed” him anything.

The thing that truly struck me about Fred was that he was a “useless eater”. I have to be honest, it made me sick to even write the last sentence. In the short time I spent with Fred, I felt nothing but respect for him and hope for America because people like him exist. That said, my work has shown me that there is a self-appointed ruling class of monsters that believe that people like Fred and his family have nothing to offer and are simply using up valuable resources. You can look this up yourself but Gates, Schwab, Hurari, and the entire World Economic Forum crew seem to have adopted this ideology and have literally used the phrase “useless eater” to describe most of the people on the planet.

The juxtaposition between these ideologies is striking and demonstrates how truly incompatible the globalist agenda really is with everything it means to be an American. America was founded on the idea of self-determination and individual rights. Our Constitution was so brilliantly written that where we made mistakes, we were able to fix them and provide the same opportunity to all people regardless of race, gender, religion, etc. America never promised equal outcome – after all that is communism – but rather believed that each person should have an equal opportunity to make their own decisions and reap the fruits of those decisions. Naturally this did not and does not mean that everyone will end up successful – some will not work towards those goals and so the rewards they reap will be commensurate to their efforts – but everyone should have the opportunity to control their own lives and future.

When I thought about Fred in this context it clarified why America and American values are under attack. Whether communist China, or globalist billionaires that view people like Fred and his family as useless wastes of resources, the war against America is really a war against people like Fred. These monsters believe they are somehow elite and better than others, there seems to be a belief that the world should be theirs to control and the role of others should be based on ensuring security in their positions for the entirety of the future. This can be seen clearly when people like Schwab and Hurari talk about eliminating free will (their words not mine) and the fourth industrial revolution that will actually “change humanity”. What they never seem to point out in their pontificating is that the changes in humanity will be controlled by them and their elitist friends and that free will would only be curtailed in the mass of useless eaters so they could better serve the elites.

This utopian world of slavery they envision [better read dystopian] may sound like an anathema to the vision of freedom and hope that Fred saw in America because it is. People like Fred and the hard working people that have built and developed this nation are the hope for our future and each one of them must have the opportunity for success as well as baring the responsibility for their failures (this is not to say we should not assist those that struggle but that is for another article). This is the core of what it means to be American and something worth fighting for.

During our conversation, Fred had asked me why Joe Biden was making decisions that were causing so much pain for Americans and pushing us towards the socialist/communist nightmare he had just escaped. I did not have a great answer for him but it reminded me how important it is that we all continue to fight against the tyranny that is being pushed on us by those that do not value people or freedom.

As my time with Fred ended I told him I would pray for his family and their success in America. I also pray we can preserve the freedom and ideals of America that he fled communist Cuba to be a part of and know that, for my part, I intend to fight to do just that.

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