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    Justice with Integrity

    Our philosophy is simple.  We believe delivering justice not just by winning cases, but by upholding the highest standards of honestly, fairness, and moral principle.

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    Social Security Disability

    The path to getting Social Security disability benefits can be very confusing.  We have the experience and expertise to help you navigate the process and obtain the financial benefits you deserve.

    Welcome to Renz Law

    Your Trusted Legal Partner

    In a complex legal world, we prioritize understanding, compassion, and unwavering dedication.  At Renz Law, led by the formidable Attorney Tom Renz, we place your legal journey front and center, ensuring you are well-informed, well-prepared, and well-supported.  

    Justice served with Integrity.

    Our philosophy is simple, yet powerful. We believe in delivering justice not just by winning cases, but by upholding the highest standards of honesty, fairness, and moral principle, ensuring every action we take resonates with integrity.

    Dedicated Service & Tailored Solutions

    Expert Strategy, Personal Approach

    Renz Law specialized in Social Security Disability cases Nationwide as well as operating in a wide range of legal domains for Ohio residents.  We pride ourselves in providing expert counsel and representation designed to secure the best outcomes for our clients.

    Social Security Disability Representation

    Facing issues with Social Security Disability? Count on us. We offer comprehensive nationwide representation to get you the benefits you deserve.

    Personal Injury & Workers' Compensation

    For our Ohio residents, we provide steadfast legal support in Personal Injury & Workers' Compensation cases, striving to secure appropriate compensation and justice.

    Civil Rights, Business, Estates & Wills

    Our legal expertise also extends to Business Law & Estate Planning, and Tom Renz's personal interest lies in helping those whom have Civil Rights cases involving COVID-19.
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    Why Renz Law Stands Out

    Expertise, Empathy and Integrity

    At Renz Law, we blend deep legal expertise with a client-centric approach, driven by the unwavering commitment to achieve justice served with integrity. 

    Our dedicated team not only understands the intricacies of the law but also empathizes with your unique situation, standing by your side every step of the way.

    Expert Knowledge

    Leveraging our extensive legal proficiency, we create effective strategies for your case.

    Integrity & Transparency

    Integrity is our compass, guiding us to maintain honesty and clear communication.

    Client-First Focus

    We prioritize your needs, offering personalized guidance and unwavering support.

    Proven Track Record

    Our years of experience and successful outcomes exemplify our legal compentence.

    From Complexity to Clarity

    Navigating the Legal Process, Together.

    At Renz Law, we understand that legal processes can be complex and daunting.  Our team is here to transform that complexity into clarity, guiding you through every step with expertise and empathy.

    • Initial Information Gathering

      Working with Renz Law begins with getting to know your needs. This will help us determine how we can best serve your needs.

    • Personalized Case Assessment

      If we agree to move forward, our experts will meticulously review your case, laying out a strategy that's tailored to your unique circumstances & goals

    • Continuous Guidance & Support

      Throughout your legal journey, we keep you informed and involved at every stage, ensuring you're never left in the dark and always feel supported.

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    “I am an attorney; I go to court, write contracts, research and develop lawsuits, etc.  I am a political commentator; I do the Tom Renz Show on America Out Loud Talk Radio and heard on the iHeart Radio Network, The Lawfare Show on Brighteon, and interviewed in many places regarding the knowledge I’ve acquired as an attorney and activist.  I am a political activist; I educate lawmakers, work with the grassroots, and leverage my understanding of the laws and issues to advocate for freedom.  And I am a businessman; I work to ensure I can fund lawsuits and activist work through any mechanism I can find, providing it can be done with honesty and integrity.”

    -Tom Renz

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